Licensing- any product can benefit and become more salable by having an artistic image on its surface. Additionally, a new product, like a puzzle, can be newly created. Licensing is the magic mechanism that does exactly that. As an example, a wonderful image of New York City can be placed on a panoply of products such as glassware, cards of all types, magnets, website banners, bedding, etc as an attractive common day item or memento or for use in a hobby or for whatever purpose the end-user desires. A typical License involves the Artist or his/her representative, the Licensor, providing a high-resolution image to a merchandise manufacturer, the Licensee, for use on a specific product(s) for a certain length of time. The Licensor typically receives an upfront payment against a quarterly royalty and complimentary samples of the merchandise. A well-thought License is a mutually beneficial transaction for all parties. The Artist’s name and works get to a broader audience and make his/her fine artwork more valuable, and the manufacturer gets to use popular images and the artist’s name on its merchandise, which facilitates sales. 

Just imagine the possibilities for Licensings 

 Markets and Inspirations:

  1. Tourism
  2. Toys
  3. Games
  4. Consumer Products
  5. Website Design
  6. Books
  7. Calenders
  8. Company & Personal Gifts
  9. Greeting & Holiday Cards
  10. Photo Stock
  11. Your Ideas?


  1. Landscapes
  2. Cityscapes
  3. Foreign Destinations
  4. Four Seasons
  5. America at Play
  6. Seascapes
  7. Busy, Busy
  8. Solitude
  9. Holiday Fun
  10. Fashion
  11. Your Ideas?

Mediums and Products  Our Licensed images have and can be placed on paper, fabric, wood, canvas, porcelain, metal, ceramic, and just about all other surfaces.    More importantly, the images can be used for puzzles, magnets, cards, boxes, packaging, web site headers, clothing, bags, bedding, decorative pillows, glassware, wall hangings, and just about on any product with a surface that calls for a colorful and splashy design.  

We are open to ideas and actively seeking Licensing offers

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