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Ken Shotwell - (v) Dan And Ann Droid

Ken Shotwell - (v) Dan And Ann Droid

  • $ 8,000.00


Meet Dan and Ann Droid, custom creations of yours truly. These are lighted and interactive (batteries and 110volt AC) sculptures fabricated from found objects and can be disassembled for shipping. Each makes social statements regarding our Digital Age. For example, Dan has posable arms and often can be seen with his hands full of out-of-date (6 month old) electronics. He has also been known to try to unplug himself, suggesting his disgust with all things digital. Ann has a cell phone permanently bolted to her ear, as you can see. In addition, she is pregnant; her trap door revealing the pulsating heartbeat light of her off-spring, which also sports a permanently attached cell phone. The fun never ends here.
The rest of the family is under construction, including son Manual, daughter Synthia, and of course the family dog Sparky. Contact the artist for current pricing and availability,

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